Establishing a Democratic Student-Driven Classroom

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The first week of new school year is usually the most enthusiastic time of the year for all school community members.  It is the time of year to reset new spirit and energy and get along with new surroundings.  It is also the most crucial time to establish a conducive learning settlements for groups of learners in their new chapter of their learning journey. We would like our learner to feel welcomed, engaged, and independent of their own learning.  Here are some pointers to ensure the success of that journey, which is strongly dependable on the effectiveness classroom management set in this crucial week:
1. Let the students be mindful of their new surroundings.  Let them get to know their new classroom as well as the people they will be spending their school days with.
2. Lead them to decide how they would like their learning environment to be, and set agreement.
3.  Give them more roles in organising the classroom (everyone learns best when they know they are in charged).
Good luck for the new school year! Let’s use this year to create meaningful experiences for our learners.
Karen Karina Kawilarang, S.Hum
Grade 3 Teacher and Year Leader,
Homeroom Teacher of Grade 3 Bangsa
Sekolah Victory Plus

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