K3 School Community Inquiry

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In our first unit of inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves”, K3 students of TKK PENABUR Banda have been learning about school with the specific central idea,” The school community has a role in making the system work for us”.

During the unit, students brainstormed the definition of school and shared about the school community. By knowing about the school and its community; they learned that both of these elements served in a systematic structure in order making the school itself runs well.

At the ‘tuning-in’, students drew what they know about school and community then they get familiarized with the roles and responsibilities that each community member has. They learned by exploring the school; knowing the teachers, admin staff, supporting staff and maintenance staff. After knowing who and what they do, K3 students learned about the system of leadership, now they know that the Principal is the highest person in charge in school to take care of the school and to make sure that the school is well-organized. They did an interview with the principal, the curriculum coordinator, teacher, finance and admin staff, the school counselor, the security guard, the kitchen helper, the librarian and the cleaning service. By doing so, students are becoming more knowledgeable about what school is and who are working in school. They also becoming more caring and showing respect by greeting the community members that they meet every day.

As one of the actions of understanding and applying their thinking skills as well as their social skills; K3 students did an internship as the librarian, security guard, admin staff, student service and cleaning service. They showed their courageous profile and enthusiasm in doing the roles and responsibilities. Not only enjoying their parts in doing the internship; now they also show tolerance because they know that each of the community members is important in making the system work for us. *(Lenny – BPK Penabur Banda)



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