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The 5th graders of GMIS Bali recently learnt about place value up to billions for whole numbers. “The Human Musical Place Value” was played. For this, one of the goals was to get the children to use and understand the different place value positions. The class was divided into groups of ten children each. Each member of the group was given a set of numbers from 0 – 9 on a play card. The play card had a string attached to it which made it easy for the children to wear the number play card around their neck.


Once the groups were in place, they were instructed to arrange themselves in a straight line according to the number name displayed over the projector. They had to start when the music started and stop once the music stopped. The duration of the music was 30 seconds.


This activity was enjoyed by the whole class of 18 students with enthusiasm. It was interesting to see how quickly they figured out the place value of each member wearing the number play card. There was an element of fun and joy, an eagerness to win and complete the arrangement before the music stopped. The group was rewarded by a round of applause if they had arranged themselves correctly.

By Ms. Parul Shekhawat Homeroom Teacher Grade 5



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