Peaceful Life In Diversity

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Human are created with uniqueness, potential and minds that keep on growing by their experiences and environment. They go through all the journeys that we call learning to gain the ultimate understanding about life and themselves, so they will gain different understanding about themselves. With the influence of culture, family background, experiences and national principles, how can they adapt to one another with attitude and gratitude so a peaceful life can be achieved in diversity?

One way we can achieve it is through the education especially civics (PKN) in this era. Civics education now focuses on character building. To supplement this, other lessons in education also focuses on character building according to the new curriculum (K13). Civics is the center of all lessons. Civics education is centered on Pancasila which is based on Indonesian national principles and basic philosophy of Indonesian citizens as a diverse nation in ethnicity, religion, and language. The goals of Civics education itself are not just to create a good citizen but also to create a nation that is superior and capable of staying united and maintaining a peaceful life in diversity.

It is important for everyone to realize that Civics education is not only applied at school, but also in the society and family environment. They also have an important role to educate the younger generations to have manners at home as well as in society, appreciate all cultures, especially their own culture, and also show responsibility towards their own beliefs as well as other beliefs by being devout and obeying their own religious values.

That’s why, it is important that we, at school, in the family, and in society; must collaborate together in educating those values until it is ingrained in younger generations. By internalizing Pancasila values in accordance with each of our own roles and not just by assigning the responsibility to only one part of the community (school / family / society), we can instill character to maintain a peaceful life in diversity that will be ingrained deeply and grow abundantly in the heart of the young generation.

By Sondy and Eva


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