Windy and Friends

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The Exhibition takes place in the final year of the PYP, which at GJS is Year 6. Students engage in a collaborative transdisciplinary inquiry process that involves identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems. Although the Exhibition unit will not start until the beginning of the second semester, the process of the PYP Exhibition starts from the beginning of the academic year where the PYP Coordinator and Year 6 teachers plan an Exhibition Gantt/timeline. Due to the complexity of the unit, lesson plans are designed weekly over a period of time to introduce the concept and to assist the students to reach the expected results. These weekly sessions are called “ Windy and Friends.”

Tyrone: Ibu Windy is very fun and helps us prepare for the exhibition. She explains to us the problems and the troubles that the previous  Year 6 students encountered. After we asked lots of questions, we are starting to get a clear image of what the exhibition will be like. I am honestly scared but the teachers said that it won’t be that hard if we focus and stay ‘self-managed’. I hope that I get teamed up with people who are good at working with me.

Suryansh: These are my comments about the priority pyramid.

  • When I was doing my priority pyramid, I was feeling really proud because I am good at most of the skills. My foundation skills is self-management.
  • I had so much fun doing the priority pyramid that I didn’t even realize that I completed it.
  • I was also creative while I was doing it so I also put pictures and and colours on it so it looks creative

Bryan: In Ibu Windy’s lesson, I have learned how to express my feelings through inquiry questions. These questions will help me for exhibition to always remember the point of the product. We also made a priority pyramid from the ones you need to practice most until the ones you feel comfortable at. This piece of work will help me improve my goals on what skills I should improve on. I also should keep the ones that I am already confident at steady and going. Now I’m continuing to improve my skills that I still need to practice on.


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