Actions Speak Louder than Words

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Action is integral to PYP. Here in Mentari School Jakarta, we have plenty of grandiose events we are proud of. From small actions in the classroom, where children made good choices about how they behave with each other, to large scale projects that happen after intense learning and leave a deep impression on children.

The most important part of PYP action is daily classroom practice although this is not always made explicit. Nevertheless the power also comes in encouraging good daily choices to turn into daily actions. Smaller everyday actions can provide ongoing reflection and develop in depth pattern of thought and action.

Living the IB learner profile and PYP attitudes gives a clear idea of the morally articulate and ethical people who should arise from IB schools. They are caring and thoughtful about the world. Also because values and thoughts are not taught in separate lessons but with a coherent and integrated approach.

Action in PYP has three components: choose, act, reflect. Students choose an action, actually do it and reflect on its efficacy. This reflection may lead a new choices and the cycle begins again.

It is important that children learn to make good choices, to think for themselves and take responsibility in a realistic way that is age appropriate. Actions can have enduring impact when they affect a student’s inner conviction which requires genuine choice and genuine responsibility.

Actions therefore help develop students’ personality. Big actions can be time consuming but they can be also rich learning experiences for many children. Everyday actions can be carried out regularly. Even the smallest of choices can be powerful in developing habits of making thoughtful choices, and sustaining to carry them out over a period of time.

When big and small actions are combined with any programme of inquiry, it develops students who are emphathic to global problems to become global citizens.

Small, everyday actions can happen at home too. This is a good point for parent involvement. Here is MSJ, we let parents report to us action that they notice at home. That action is not only recognised and applauded but acknowledged across school. This is done by putting up visual examples of students action on the school board that says, “Mentari Takes Action”.  Action gets contagious this way and children are making good choices not only at school but also at home.

mentari 1.png

Nidhi Khanija

PYP Coordinator

Mentari School Jakarta


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