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In the unit of inquiry, ‘How we express ourselves’, the Central Idea for the fifth graders was “Celebrations and traditions reflect the beliefs and values of cultures”.

Through this theme, the students discovered the festivities and traditions that occur in Indonesia. Various traditions were found by the children. They revealed that there are a lot of different traditions in Indonesia. Even on a single island, the community may have different celebrations and traditions, highlighting the phrase “Unity in Diversity” within the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia.

From these celebrations and traditions they found out more about the various forms of traditional food, dance, music, musical instruments, homes, and much more. In addition to this, they looked for the values that are reflected in these existing traditions. Sometimes they were surprised and shocked to see the variety of traditions.


Students used devices, books, magazines and information from parents as sources for learning.

After searching the richness of celebrations and traditions in Indonesia, students also practiced singing, dancing, reading poetry and role-play, which led to a variety of performances. They not only learnt about Indonesia’s heritage, but also had a lot of fun. The whole school community (students, teachers and parents) were invited to witness their joyous learning. With this “Ragam Budaya” (Unity in Diversity) activity, students displayed appreciation for their unique Indonesian culture.


Bahasa Indonesia Teacher, Grade 5

Mentari School, Jakarta


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