What’s Up with Water?

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Our Kinder 2 students have been engaged in the Unit of Inquiry on Water, which is under the transdisciplinary theme ‘Sharing the Planet’. It is very interesting to see that for the children, they could directly relate water to “fun”. However, different learning activities were prepared for them to explore the characteristics of water, where water comes from, and how water is used among others.

At the beginning of this Unit of Inquiry, the students had a really fun time doing a little experiment of making an ice candy. They were amused in observing how water can really change its form.  On the other hand, finding out about different sources of water led us to go on a field trip to some places around Batam where water can be found.


The place that made a strong impression on the children was their visit to ATB (Adhya Tirta Batam). ATB supplies water to the whole of Batam. They were intrigued to see a huge body of water which looked like a lake, but it was explained to us by the ATB staff that it is a dam. The trip made the students realise how water reaches their home through ATB’s services.

In addition, as the students looked into the function of water, they had the time to interview different people around the school to make them more knowledgeable about various uses of water.


The Unit of Inquiry on Water is not over yet, but letting the children understand the availability and importance of water around them is a meaningful experience.

By Nicolenia L. Casucian (nicolenia@sgiaedu.org), K2 Homeroom Teacher

Sekolah Global Indo-Asia (Batam)


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