Vision: to participate actively within the IB world community and beyond.

Mission: to provide an online platform where teachers can learn from each other, share best practices which is beneficial for their own professional development and other teachers around the world.

PYP Dunia Blog will be used as the main media for the network replacing the bi-annual newsletter.

  • Each month (except. June and December) there will be at least 3 member schools of PYP Dunia Network who are responsible to contribute and submit content for PYP Dunia blog.
  • The schedule is arranged by PYP Dunia chairperson. please re. to the schedule. However, any other members can still submit a blog post anytime.
  • Twitter #PYPdunia and other interactive¬†platform will be used in addition to the blog later.
  • Facebook group will be used as the main media to share the content of this blog
  • PYP Dunia newsletters that we have so far are going to be archived in the PYP Dunia blog.

Procedures of PYP Dunia blog:

  1. The schools notify their staff if anyone would like to contribute to PYP Dunia blog.
  2. The contributor will send it to PYP coordinator/head of school for final check and editing. If the article written in English, it needs to be proofread before submission. This process is managed by each school based on their own agreement.
  3. PYP Coordinator/s will contact the blog admin team to submit the blog post.
  4. Blog admin team will do the posting and put it under suitable categories. Please note that the blog admin are not responsible for editing the content.
  5. Blog admin will inform to all Dunia members that there are new post through FB and basecamp.
  6. All members should forward this blog post to their own school staff. They may also choose to share this blog post in social media

PYP Dunia Committee:

Chairperson: Fifi Anggraini (Sekolah Victory Plus)

Secretary: Early K. Hapsari (Sekolah Victory Plus)

Treasurers: Ida Sriguntari (SPH Lippo) and Shanti Aryani (Tunas Muda Meruya)


  • Yan Yulius (Sekolah Ciputra)
  • Sarah Verdaguer (Global Jaya School)
  • Rully Ronggo (Global Jaya School)
  • Marsaria Primadona (Sekolah Cikal)
  • Mary Collins (Bandung Independent School)

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