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Year 1 Travel Fair

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As a culmination activity for Unit 4 under the transdisciplinary theme ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’, the Year 1 students enthusiastically conducted a Travel Fair on Thursday 16th March 2017. They showed responsibility, creativity and confidence as travel agents, sharing their knowledge of a chosen country or city.  Prior to the event, the students had created research questions, collected the research from various sources and chose how they would like to present their findings.   The students did such a good job, the visitors are now ready to book their next holiday destinations!

Year 6 – Exhibition: An International Perspective

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As part of the Global Jaya School Year 6 PYP Exhibition, our students had the opportunity to connect with other schools around the world to discuss the progress, implementation and reflection of their experiences.

Over the course of the two-day event, students held video Skype calls with schools in New Zealand, Indonesia, Germany and Norway. They had the chance to share their thoughts about their exhibition experiences and ask questions of each other to gain a deeper mutual understanding of similarities and differences between how people from around the globe engage in the PYP exhibition.

Student Experience:

Renatta, Dhira and I Skyped with a school from New Zealand and we became their tour guides. We took them on a tour around the theater foyer to see all of our booths. We stopped at our booths and explained our issue, solution, and other things on our display. They asked us questions and we answered them. It was a really fun experience. I was very lucky to have the chance to be able to call schools from other countries.


I was very lucky to be able to call schools from other countries/places. My favourite calls were with the New Zealand and Norway schools because they made us laugh. We were also able to give them a tour of the theatre foyer, and allow them to interview other students. They asked great questions, and made Kiara, Dhira and I laugh.


It was like talking to us in the past when we Skyped with IB schools in Germany and Norway because they are just starting their exhibition process and we were just done. It was helpful for them to get tips and answers from us because we are finished with exhibition and we have experienced all the work.


International Teacher Comments:

My students really enjoyed the presentation. Dhira was great! We are going to have our exhibition next month. I’m thinking we could probably have a Skype session during our exhibition, just like yours. Thank you again for the session.

Ibu Marina, Sekolah Global Indo-Asia, Indonesia

We will be having our exhibition towards the end of Nov. It would be amazing to see the performance as well. Due to talking with your class today, I already have students wanting to form groups and start their research. They were very motivated by what they saw.

Robert Bale, Ashburton Borough School, New Zealand

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Skyping with students to share their exhibition experience.

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Video conferencing with students in Germany.

Unit of Inquiry “My Body”

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During this first UOI about “My Body”, the Kindergarten classes have been engaged in lots of activities. Once a week, we join the two classes together and have rotation-based activities to help deepen the children’s understanding about body parts and their functions. The children also explore through games, songs, body movements, hands-on materials, books, role play and other physical tasks.

In one activity, the children were asked to assemble cut outs of body parts and make them whole again. Then they were asked to explain what they had assembled.

We have been enjoying our learning so far and we look forward to more great times ahead.

Kindergarten Team GJS

Windy and Friends

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The Exhibition takes place in the final year of the PYP, which at GJS is Year 6. Students engage in a collaborative transdisciplinary inquiry process that involves identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems. Although the Exhibition unit will not start until the beginning of the second semester, the process of the PYP Exhibition starts from the beginning of the academic year where the PYP Coordinator and Year 6 teachers plan an Exhibition Gantt/timeline. Due to the complexity of the unit, lesson plans are designed weekly over a period of time to introduce the concept and to assist the students to reach the expected results. These weekly sessions are called “ Windy and Friends.”

Tyrone: Ibu Windy is very fun and helps us prepare for the exhibition. She explains to us the problems and the troubles that the previous  Year 6 students encountered. After we asked lots of questions, we are starting to get a clear image of what the exhibition will be like. I am honestly scared but the teachers said that it won’t be that hard if we focus and stay ‘self-managed’. I hope that I get teamed up with people who are good at working with me.

Suryansh: These are my comments about the priority pyramid.

  • When I was doing my priority pyramid, I was feeling really proud because I am good at most of the skills. My foundation skills is self-management.
  • I had so much fun doing the priority pyramid that I didn’t even realize that I completed it.
  • I was also creative while I was doing it so I also put pictures and and colours on it so it looks creative

Bryan: In Ibu Windy’s lesson, I have learned how to express my feelings through inquiry questions. These questions will help me for exhibition to always remember the point of the product. We also made a priority pyramid from the ones you need to practice most until the ones you feel comfortable at. This piece of work will help me improve my goals on what skills I should improve on. I also should keep the ones that I am already confident at steady and going. Now I’m continuing to improve my skills that I still need to practice on.

Year 1 Number Hunters

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Numbers, numbers, everywhere! But what are they for?

The Year 1 students wanted to find out what numbers do, so they went on a ‘Number Hunt’ around the school. They used their observation skills to capture numbers in their natural environment (with a little help from an iPad). Back in the classroom they demonstrated their thinking and communication skills when they discussed the function of the numbers found.  We discovered that numbers help us to play; to order, to measure, and to organise ourselves.

By Karen Rudian

Year 1 Curriculum Leader

Global Jaya School

Year 2 Independence Celebration

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As we celebrated Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17th, all the students from Reception to Year 6 had a flag ceremony in the gymnasium in the morning. Afterwards, each year level had their own celebration by organizing some competitions or events. Year 2 had some games to play in groups such as transferring marbles from one spoon to another as fast as they could, putting a pen which was tied in the middle of a parachute into a bottle, and dancing with a partner with a ball between their foreheads. Not to forget sharing the special meaning of August 17th’s annual celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day.

-Year 2 team Global Jaya School-.

ICT Integration into Inquiry in Year 3

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This article highlights year 3 students inquiry into migration and exploration through inquiry led personal central ideas and action through ICT integration. 

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”- Walt Disney

‘How the World Works’ is the trans-disciplinary theme that motivated Global Jaya School’s Year 3 students exploration into the world around them. 

Students began by creating their personal, central ideas that drove their inquiry into a topic of their choice.  They achieved this through using the Tubric model, which guides learners to form student inquiry questions.  

Students integrated ICT by creating personal WIX websites that illustrated their line of inquiry. 

Here is an example of a student’s work. (use this as a sample for the blog site of what year 3 students did to show their learning)
Anna  R. Cottrell Year 3 teacher  Global Jaya School