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Sekolah Mutiara Harapan’s 7th PYP Exhibition

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As they say 7 is a lucky number. Indeed, it is for Mutiara Harapan because we survived the seventh PYP Exhibition that was held last January 25, 2017. The program started with the booth exhibition held in the classroom. The students from the different grade levels took turns in visiting the booths; they were amazed and inspired by the works of their seniors. Several junior high school students also dropped by and left with their interests increased.

In the evening, the formal PYP exhibition program was held with the attendance of the parents who were quite happy and proud of their children’s achievement and development. Each group presented their studies, and they also entertained the audience with song and dance numbers. They also showed a drama series that incorporated the central ideas of all three groups.

The grade 6 students started the organizing of the exhibition in the middle of July 2016; they decided on the transdisciplinary theme “How We Organize Ourselves” with the central idea “Globalization has various effects in our lives.” They formed three groups and endeavored to find existing problems that mattered to them. The first group chose cyberbullying, the second group agreed on game addiction and the third group looked into online shopping. Each group formulated their own central idea and lines of inquiry for their area of study.

The cyberbullying group’s central idea was “globalization affects worldwide communication.” This had the following lines of inquiry: (1) how communication changes over time, (2) responsible use of modern ways of communication, (3) cases of cyberbullying, and (4) causes and effects of cyberbullying.

Game addiction group’s central idea was “technology changes the way people play.” These were their lines of inquiry: (1) the evolution of games, (2) reasons why people play online games, and (3) the effects of game addiction people’s lives.

Online shopping focused on this central idea: Technology affects the way products reach consumers. The lines of inquiry were the following: (1) how online shopping differs from common shopping, (2) the reasons people choose online shopping, (3) advantages and disadvantages of online shopping, and (4) problems caused by online shopping and its cases.

There were several actions taken initiated by students during their journey in PYP:

Cyberbullying Group. They conducted a room-to-room campaign on the group blog, and they also started an anti-cyberbullying report box. The report box was placed in a strategic area in school wherein students could report cyberbullying cases anonymously. The group drafted a proposal on the solution and intervention of cyberbullying cases, including the consequences, to be included in the students’ handbook since our current student’s handbook does not include cyberbullying cases.

Game Addiction Group. Parents were invited for an awareness talk on how to prevent children from spending too much time on online games. One of our doctors in the company clinic, Dr. Imelda, explained the possible sickness that can be acquired from playing too many online games. Our guidance counselor, Ms. Marissa, explained the adverse effects on the gamer’s behavior.

Online Shopping Group. Brochures about online shopping were distributed to parents; it included information on how to avoid online scam/fraud. The content of the brochure was the result of the researches taken from different sources.  It included the following: the definition of online shopping, possible problems to be encountered while doing online shopping, and smart tips for online shopping.

The PYP exhibition was a work of a lifetime for these students, and they have learned so many things through this experience. Cyberbullying Group learned the importance of cooperation, sense of responsibility, patience, and having the right attitude. Online Shopping Group realized the value of leadership, organization, commitment, and open-mindedness. Game Addiction Group reflected on the importance of improving oneself by helping teammates in order to achieve the group’s goals.

We are all happy that the seventh PYP Exhibition has been a success. It’s far from perfect, but it’s been getting better year after year. With this, we are excited for the next.