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Teaching ATLs Explicitly in Playgroup B

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Approaches to learning (ATL) are grounded in the belief that learning how to learn is fundamental to a student’s education. Five categories of interrelated skills aim to support students of all ages to become self-regulated learners who know how to ask good questions, set effective goals and pursue their aspirations with the determination to achieve them. These skills also help to support students’ sense of agency, encouraging them to see their learning as an active and dynamic process (IBO 2017).

It is particularly important for PYP teachers to interpret these skills in ways that are appropriate for early and primary years learners. Therefore, to foster and support the development of these skills, we had provided opportunities embedded in authentic learning experiences during our current unit, Sharing The Planet. Here are some fun activities that we have done so far in order to teach ATL explicitly.

Mystery bag – Students have to figure out the object inside the bag only by touching it. They have to give a brief explanation about the objects they are touching.

Nature Walk – Students exploring their senses by observing school environments. Skills taught – Understand that information can be received through all the senses – Use observation to identify simple patterns, make predictions and discuss ideas

What Animal am I? – Student comes forward and wears a headband with an animal picture on it. He/she has to guess the animal only by posing questions to the teacher/students

Show and Tell – Students share their experiences and the other students get the opportunities to ask questions.

Skills taught – Ask questions to seek clarification and information.

Observational drawing – Students observe the school pets and record their observation through drawing. Then they have to sort them based on their habitats.

Skills taught

• Drawing pictures from their observation

• Categorize / sort pictures according to specified criteria

Julia Ika, Ayu, Sisca, Swastika, Kenang, Rebekka, Elsi, Ivan

PG B Teachers


The Joy of Learning

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“Red, yellow, and blue are great alone, but when you mix them you create something beautiful. This is how lasting friendships are formed.  Two individuals coming together to create something beautiful -FRIENDSHIP” – Maribel Siems

Our current central idea is about tolerance of different characteristics supports people to interact with others and build friendships. Therefore, we conducted an activity where the students could work together and explore science in an artistic way. It is amazing to witness how one activity can stimulate five trans disciplinary skills.

  1. Social skills

Students learnt how to work together with their friends to create a beautiful artwork: friendship wreath. They placed their hands on one primary color and then held hands with their friends to create new color.

  1. Self-management skills

Students learnt to play safely, not to smear the surroundings and their friends.

  1. Thinking skills

Students thought of different colors they could make using those primary colors. They also

learnt how to make a certain color brighter or darker.

  1. Research skills

Students were curious to find out what color would come if they mixed certain colors.

  1. Communication skills

Students communicated to each other and to their teachers about the result of the color mixing.

 At the end, they might not remember what the lesson was, but I believe they remember the joy they had when they learnt.

Sheila Widya Laksmi

Homeroom Teacher of EY 2 Jupiter – Sekolah Victory Plus